Best SECRET Margarita Recipie

Margaritas, who doesn’t enjoy a delicious one on a hot afternoon? Originally started in Mexico, margaritas have covered the globe now. No matter where you find yourself, you can always rest assured they will have a margarita for you there.

But let’s start with the original, the classic, Margarita from Mexico. First things first, get everything you’re going to need to make the margarita ready so that once your start, you’re good to finish. So get your tequila of choice, your orange liqueur, lime juice, fresh locally grown limes, ice, a glass, some salt and a cocktail shaker.

To get yourself started, fill your cocktail shaker with ice, not overflowing, but all the way up to the top. You will then want to take your tequila and add around two ounces of it to your cocktail shaker, depending on exactly how strong you like it.

If after you add the two ounces you want to add just a little bit more for good measure, no problem, be my guest! Once the tequila is in you want to take the cap off of your cocktail shaker, not the top, but the cap off of the top. This cap serves as the perfect vessel to measure out exactly how much orange liqueur you should add into your margarita.

Once you have the cap filled and added to your shaker, let’s grab the lime juice. IF you have the time it is always recommended that you juice the limes yourself (locally grown limes from here in Indianapolis are our favorite) for that authentic flavor, but if you’re in a pinch, bottled lime juice will do just fine. The lime juice is tricky, you don’t want to add too much, but you also need enough to take the bite off of the tequila and orange liqueur.

The average amount you would add is usually around the two ounce range, but again, a margarita is only as good as you make it, so treat yourself! If you want more lime juice add it, if that is too much, only use one ounce, whatever fits your specific tastes. While you have your limes out, you want to be sure to not juice them all, but slice one up for garnishes on your glass.

Once you have all of the liquid added to your shaker of ice, put the cap back on and begin to shake it. This is the real key to a delicious Mexican margarita. You must spend ample time actually mixing these ingredients together, blending with the ice to make the magic happen! Once you are done shaking, I would recommend 35-40 seconds worth of shaking, set your shaker aside and grab your glass.

Have your salt in a bowl or paper plate and dip the ring of your glass into the plate/bowl of salt, this will give you a nice even edge of salt around your margarita glass. Now that your glass is ready it’s time to pour! Loosen the lid on your shaker and begin to slowly pour the liquid into your glass. Once you get about half of it put in the shaker, let your ice fall out and into your glass and rest of the drink cascade over it.

When the glass is full it’s time for the finishing touches. Grab yourself a straw, place it on one side of the glass, and on the other side? Well how about we add one of those fresh, locally grown lime slices that we prepared earlier? Perfect! And with that finishing touch, you have yourself a genuine delicious Mexican Margarita.

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