5 Next Level Margarita Tricks

Hello again, and welcome to another post from Margalicious!

We’re always on the hunt for new and interesting way to enjoy your favorite tequila beverage, and we’ve always got you in mind when we find something cool!

Let’s dig in to today’s topic, five ways to “spruce up” your next margarita that everyone is sure to love!

Here are 5 tricks for taking your “margarita game” to the next level!

Lime Popsicle and Tequila

As easy as it sounds!  For a great tasting margarita that’s also unique, just go to the freezer isle in your local grocery and browse through the popsicle section! Obviously, lime would be an obvious great choice, but don’t discount other fruity flavors as well!  Once you’ve got your tequila and your popsicle back home, simply put the popsicle in a cup and pour your tequila over it to melt and mix it into the glass!

Frozen Margarita and Cream of Coconut

Introducing the “marg-0-lada” or basically a frozen margarita with some cream of coconut in it to cream up the texture and help it resemble a pina colada for those that are looking for a new take on a classic drink.  A lime wheel and cherry go great for garnish!

Frozen Margarita with Sangria

Want a little extra “umph” to the flavor or your next margarita?  Make a frozen margarita as you normally would, pour it into a glass, then pour some Sangria over the mixture!  At first, you’ll be dazzled by the two tone display as the liquid begin mixing together, and once they fully mix, the taste and texture are to die for!

Margarita Plus Prosecco

Break out the bubbly for a special occasion, or just to get your nose dancing! Like the previous option, make your favorite frozen margarita then just add a little bubbly on top to really set it off!  Cut a think slice of lime rine and let it float on the bubbles as garnish!

Tequila with Mix and Lime Juice

An old classic, but with so many ways to make it new, fun, creative and enjoyable!  Find creative ways to use flavorful ingredients as well as creative ways to hold the liquid to spice up our next margarita!

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